Mike Mason is head of technology for ThoughtWorks. In this role, he ensures that our technologists remain at the cutting edge of innovation and that our capabilities continue to grow in strategic areas such as mobile, continuous delivery, and agile analytics. For ThoughtWorks clients, Mike ensures the technical success of deliveries and seeks out aligned, strategic, and technically innovative work.

Mike also serves on ThoughtWorks’ Technology Advisory Board, a group of senior consultants from around the world who advise the CTO on technical direction and strategy. He regularly contributes to ThoughtWorks’ “Technology Radar,” a twice-yearly publication highlighting technology trends and influences. Mike’s nine years with the company include a background as a developer, tech lead, and architect. As a leader within ThoughtWorks, Mike is particularly interested in career paths for senior technologists. Mike earned a B.A. in computation from the University of Oxford, and now lives with his family in Alberta, Canada.