Mike Liebhold is a tech research pioneer and veteran with decades of experience working for iconic companies like Atari, Apple, Netscape, and Intel. As a senior researcher and distinguished fellow at Institute for the Future, he researches and disseminates information about the technological underpinnings of tomorrow’s world, including the mobile web, immersive media, and context-aware and ubiquitous computing. He is on the core team of the Technology Horizons program and contributes to the Health Horizons program. With a deep background in information architectures, network services, and technology policy, Mike is a frequent speaker and commentator on the futures of computing and telecommunications. Mike has authored a number of papers for publications including “IEEE Pervasive Computing and Communications of the ACM.” Mike brings to his role as principal technologist at IFTF a wealth of experience gained in a series of top jobs at high-profile tech companies. He has been a visiting researcher at Intel Labs, a senior consulting architect at Netscape Communications, vice president and chief technology officer at Times Mirror Publishing, a senior scientist at Apple Computer, and administrative director for the Systems Research Group at the Atari Sunnyvale Research Laboratory. Mike was principal technology policy adviser to Apple’s chairman and was Apple’s principal contributor to the national dialogue on the National Information Infrastructure, including cable TV, video dial tone, digital advanced television, and HDTV.