Michael McKay currently works as UX director for PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay Inc in Silicon Valley, driving a cultural change of more than 350 designers to turn design thinking and customer-driven innovation into strategic pillars. Michael is currently changing the design spaces all over the eBay Campuses, enabling collaboration, co-creation, and an elevated design quality bar. Michael is known for successfully introducing user-driven innovation and co-creation cultures in large-size organizations, and for creating mobile device strategy as a blend of user insight and technology opportunity. He organized Amazon’s Digital UX Design team in Silicon Valley, building a new front-end UX Labs team in downtown San Francisco. He was a core member of Nokia Design, launching the brand into one of the most iconic and valuable brands of its time. He built internal momentum and set up a cross-disciplinary innovation studio in Copenhagen with significant impact on the telecom industry. Michael developed a high-level digital design language for Yahoo! Inc. During his time in the industry, Michael has understood the essence of what brings successful innovation to market, and that innovation happens when a strong, systematic approach to development is balanced with a highly disruptive creative process harnessed in cross-functional teams.