Michael Littlejohn is a partner and vice president within IBM Global Business Services, where he leads strategy and business development for growth offerings such as the US Economic Stimulus Act (i.e., ARRA), and Smarter Cities/Smarter Government. Michael’s team focuses on developing, selling, and delivering emerging solutions that help governments solve their most pressing issues: driving cost take-out and revenue optimization; increasing citizen safety; driving sustainability and optimizing resources; and improving citizen health and welfare. The solutions are focused on multiple segments including transportation, buildings, water, energy, healthcare, education, public safety and social services. With IBM since 1997, Michael’s previous roles have included practice leader for Human Capital Consulting; general manager (Americas) of IBM Learning; and vice president of Internal Transformation Consulting. Prior to joining IBM, Michael was a managing director at Price Waterhouse, where he specialized in organizational transformation and change management. In support of IBM’s corporate commitment to social responsibility, Michael also oversees an effort designed to better enable students and faculty of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in emerging information technology and business concepts. Results have included improved hiring yields, strengthened relationships with the institutions, and increased IBM brand awareness.