Mei Lin Fung is a technology pioneer who was in the 2-person skunkworks team that developed the prototype customer relationship management (CRM) system at Oracle spawning the largest software category today, anticipated to be $80B by 2025. She did long term financial modeling for Shell in Australia, where she started as an assembler programmer then Operations Researcher. She was socio-technical lead for the US Dept. of Defense’s Federal Health Futures initiative having joined as the subject matter expert for Networked Improvement Communities – as she had earlier chaired Douglas Engelbart’s Core Planning Committee at the Bootstrap Alliance.  In 2015, she joined “father of the Internet,” Vint Cerf, to co-found the “People-Centered Internet,” which maintains a global network of “positive change agents” committed to ensuring that technology is developed with a “people-centered” focus – increasing access while ensuring equality, protecting the vulnerable, and prioritizing human well-being. She is Standards Liaison for Humanitarian Activities within the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and chairs the IEEE pre-Standards working group ICSIM – Industry Connections Social Impact Measurement. She serves on the World Economic Forum Steering Committee for Internet for All. With the UN she is on the Leadership initiative and has set up the US, Singapore and UK Women-in-Tech Taskforce. An MIT SLOAN graduate, she studied under two future Nobel Economics prize winners Franco Modigliani and Robert Merton, as well as under Fisher Black, known for the Black-Scholes Options Pricing Formula. Mei Lin came to Silicon Valley to work for Intel and Oracle and has lived here for over 3 decades, she is a native of Singapore.