Matt Grob is executive vice president and CTO for Qualcomm Incorporated, where he is responsible for the oversight of Qualcomm’s technical path, the coordination of R&D activities across the company, and the development of next-generation wireless technologies.  Matt also leads Qualcomm’s Corporate R&D and provides oversight to Qualcomm Corporate Engineering Services.  Matt’s focus on cellular data services led to his assignment as co-project engineer for the High Data Rate (HDR) program, which started in 1997.  This new high-speed Internet access technology became standardized as 1xEV-DO, and commercialized throughout the world.  In 1998, Matt became the head of Corporate R&D’s system engineering department.  In 2006, Matt took the role of leading the Corporate R&D division.  While maintaining a very strong focus on core cellular WAN technology, Corporate R&D has broadened its mission to include new areas such as Augmented Reality, Wireless Charging, processor and applications enhancements, peer-to-peer technologies, position location, and Wireless LAN.  Matt holds a number of patents in the area of wireless data services and technology.  He also holds a BSEE from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois as well as an MSEE from Stanford University.