Mary Corcoran has 20 + years of experience leading communications and marketing programs for businesses, political campaigns and non-profit organizations across a variety of verticals but with special emphasis in healthcare. Her counsel to clients takes a “reputation first” approach and is deeply influenced by her 10 years in campaign politics devising aggressive, channel agnostic content marketing programs – firmly rooted in the philosophy that the best defense is a good offense.

Her clients over the years in the healthcare space include PHARMA, CHPA, Pfizer, Merck, Edwards Lifesciences, AstraZeneca, Shire and Planned Parenthood. In the payer space, Mary worked not only for AHIP, but also lead business for Humana and BCBS. She has also spent chunks of her career on non-Health creative brand campaigns including Dove Campaign for Real Beauty & REI Opt Outside to name a few. Mary strives to bring outside the box creativity to her healthcare clients in order to bring “unregulated thinking to a regulated industry.”

When she isn’t working, Mary loves spending time with her children (Charlotte and Henry) and exploring the culinary delights of Brooklyn with her husband, Chris.