CSSP is a unique association of top science leaders from disciplinary research associations that encompass over 1 million researchers in over 150 disciplines. It is the premier national center for science leader development. Dr Apple served as

CSSP President for ~20 years. Dr Apple has made many contributions to areas of biochemical and pharmaceutical science, agriculture, education, and medicine. He initiated a world pioneering research institute dedicated to agricultural molecular genetics for improving the yield and nutrient quality of food plants. He led a collaborative program which achieved one of the first computer-assisted receptor-based drug designs to receive a patent. He designed pioneering injectable drug delivery systems which provided for the specific delivery of any drug to a designated specific

tissue. He designed, engineered and led a team that built a pioneering model of a pocket-size artificial kidney dialysis machine. He also managed or co-led several national scale long term NSF-funded studies of science education and of science teacher education reform. He was instrumental in the startup of five high tech companies. He was coauthor of the Business Advantage, an expert system artificial intelligence strategic planning software program that won the 1000-company Software Publishers Assn. Award as Best Program in Higher Education . He has won many awards for leadership. He served on Executive Board of the U.S. Congress-chartered National Agriculture Research,

Economics, Education and Extension Board (NAREEE) where he chaired or coauthored reports and policy recommendations for Congress and the USDA Secretary on water, germplasm, genetics, and rural economic development. He served on the Secretary of Education’s National Expert Panel on Math and Science Education and the Secretary of Agriculture’s Blue Ribbon Panel on future of the National Agricultural Library System.

He served two terms as the Board of Visitors Chairman, (appointed by both a Republican and Democrat Governor) facilitating a renaissance of the five research centers of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institutes. He was Board Chairman of the American Institute of Chemists. He was elected to the Board of Governors of the National Economists Club and a US Member of the Bretton Woods Committee. He worked for various periods around the globe– e.g: Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, France, Greece, Australia, Peru, Columbia, Mexico — and worked with senior government officials in nations in Africa, Asia and South America, actively introducing new technology. He initiated the start of the first International Network of Asian Women Entrepreneurs. He co-chaired the World Scientific Summit on Climate Engineering in 2014. He has mentored over 1000 presidents on becoming an effective change leader. He received a PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics from the Univ. California Berkeley and UC-SF Medical Center. Since retiring a year ago, he served as an adjunct professor and \ visiting scholar at U.C.Berkeley, where he has taught Green (environmentally safe) Chemistry to post-doctoral students. He is engaged in research on disruptive innovation with faculty at Harvard Business School. He leads a unique group of highly cited scholars to work on unsolved multidimensional complex problems whose solutions will have a major impact on our future.