Mark co-leads McKinsey & Company’s work in IoT globally and leads digital and advanced analytics efforts for our Advanced Industries practices in North America.

For more than a decade, Mark has offered advisory support to high-tech, semiconductor, and industrial companies. Working with executives to tackle their biggest challenges in strategy and operations.

Mark believes passionately in the impact of the internet of things, digital and analytics in shaping the next level of productivity, wellbeing and innovation for our clients and society broadly. He is committed to partnering with clients to delivering on this goal and focuses his client activities in these areas. He brings a combined experience of working deeply with technology companies in hardware and software along with experience across industrial sectors on the application of technology. These combined experiences are married in his leadership of our work in IoT, analytics and digital.

Examples of his work include:

  • developing IoT strategy and implementation for a major industrial equipment provider
  • development of next generation IoT strategy for a global industrial leader and IoT platform player
  • development of predictive models using machine learning platforms for prediction of yield and equipment reliability in semiconductor
  • IoT strategy for a leading semiconductor designer and manufacturer
  • global technology strategy development for a leading technology company as it evaluates opportunities in IoT and data strategy
  • supporting the development and execution of a multiyear manufacturing and corporate strategy for a leading semiconductor company, resulting in a multibillion-dollar spin-out of its manufacturing operations
  • supporting an intensive 6-month fab-operations turnaround—which achieved a 20 percent reduction in wafer costs—at a US-based semiconductor IDM

Mark is deeply interested in the connections between the physical and digital world. He has led major cross-industry research efforts, including a joint collaboration with the Global Semiconductor Alliance in 2015. A steering committee member for recent McKinsey Global Institute research on the topic, Mark publishes frequently. His recent interests are in the intersection of IoT with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Along with his consulting expertise, Mark has twice built and helped lead early stage companies. In 2000, he was part of the team that developed the first mobile commerce platforms for cellular operators. And in 2010, he took a leave from McKinsey for a two-year role as head of strategy and later senior vice president of commercial operations for Amyris, a renewable-products company. Mark earned an MBA from Stanford University and has both undergraduate and masters degrees in engineering from the University of Cambridge.