Liia Sarjakoski is an experienced innovation and partnerships leader who is passionate about guiding enterprises on their digital transformation journeys, and unleashing the power of diverse ecosystems for doing so.

Today, Liia leads IoT Studio’s ecosystem programs at Ericsson, working with the partner ecosystem on customer-centric digital transformation solutions with novel business models. She first started working on IoT technologies at Nokia while building and launching a set of Industrial IoT solutions for transportation, energy and public sector, utilizing technology stacks like IoT, 5G and AI. Earlier career includes launching a location insights service which responsibly utilizes massive-scale telecom data, launching and running technology scouting partner programs for an innovation center, and helping to establish new-paradigm product security and privacy practices for the company globally.

Liia holds a Masters in Computer Science from Aalto University where she specialized in internet technologies, cybersecurity, and business.