Liam Casey is the founder and CEO of PCH, which designs custom manufacturing solutions for Fortune 500 and startup companies. Since founding PCH in 1996, Liam has grown the company to over $900 million in revenues in 2013. The company has been a huge advocate and supporter of startup hardware companies, such as LittleBits, Cue, Ringly, Drop, Navdy, and Blaze, among many others. Named after the famed California Highway, PCH is headquartered in Cork, Ireland. PCH opened its U.S.A. headquarters in 2013 in San Francisco, California. Serving customers globally, the company operates an innovation hub in San Francisco, which includes PCH Lime Lab, a design engineering division with state-of-the-art prototyping capability; Highway1, a hardware incubator; and PCH Access, which helps startup companies scale. Liam is widely recognized as a thought leader in hardware, supply chain management, and startups. He spends his time in San Francisco, Cork, and Shenzhen.