Lawrence joined Techonomy after 25 years launching trade shows, conferences communities and other face-to-face experiences. Focused on the transformative ways that interactive self-service technology impacts our world, he launched KioskCom in 1997, and built the event into a three-time winner of the Tradeshow Week Fastest 50 growing events in North America. Customer Engagement World was launched in 2010, focusing on the impact tech has on customer engagement and the customer experience, across all industries. Lawrence holds an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University, and a BS in Management & Organizational Behavior from Pennsylvania State University.

Why I Am a Techonomist?

“Having been at the forefront of the impact tech has on business and society around the world for the last 20+ years, I have seen the direct result of the integration of tech on businesses, government agencies, universities, hospitals and other industries.  It’s incredible to watch tech’s impact over the last 25 years, and I’m excited to have a front row seat with Techonomy about how it will impact the next 25 years.”