Kushal is the founder and CEO of Vittana. Today, Vittana works in 12 countries, reaching thousands of youth and continuing to grow exponentially. Vittana pioneered the Vittana Loan — a $750 student microloan that fights youth poverty at the root cause, tripling a girl’s income beyond $10 a day and empowering her to think beyond her home’s four walls. Vittana is an award-winning organization (Fast Company, Seattle 2.0) and its impact has been highlighted in the Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many others. Previously, Kushal ran technology for a $1+ billion team at Amazon.com and is the author of 20+ patents, papers and talks. In his free time, he runs Ironman triathlons and trains guide dogs for the blind. Kushal was recently named as one of Seattle’s Top 40 People Under 40 and voted the #1 Game-Changer in Philanthropy by 1.7 million readers on Huffington Post. He is a frequent speaker on youth poverty and education, including SOCAP, Pop!Tech and TEDxBrussels. Kushal lives in Seattle with his 1-year-old German Shepherd puppy.