Of the many things Kennedy Shine is, she is human. Kennedy is a poet, writer, and artist. She is a dreamer, believer, and idealist. She is a creator, destructor, and optimist.

Kennedy has drawn many portraits that some approve of. She has written many stories that some congratulate her on, and has said many things that others can understand and agree upon. She has built great mansions in a virtual world, and has found another dimension in her head and written it down. She has taken photo after photo, some worth talking about. She is currently writing a book, painting a professional oil painting, nurturing a zoo’s worth of pets, and spending time with her family, learning the important things no school can teach.

Kennedy has many things she wants to do. She plans to become a realism sketch artist, write a successful trilogy of fantasy books for pre-teen readers before she turns 16, write a few lines of poetry that people around the globe appreciate, speak to a crowd with every ear listening to her voice curiously, and have many people know her name out of appreciation, not fear. And because the future is never certain, Kennedy has many, many back-up plans.