Katherine “Kat” Randel, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ascent Leadership Networks, oversees event management and operations of the company’s leadership cohorts and learning modules. Described as a “magic-maker,” Kat was employee #1 of the World Economic Forum’s San Francisco Office, where she oversaw and coordinated the end-to-end operations around development of the Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She is a trusted advisor and solutions-oriented partner who adapts well to any situation or environment, making her uniquely suited to design and execute Ascent’s transformative experiences. Her positive attitude and MacGyver-style approach to problem solving leads her team to dub her a Swiss Army knife. Kat’s unique expertise in management and operations stems in part from her senior leadership positions at Davos with the World Economic Forum, the UN General Assembly, Purpose, The B Team, and New York Public Radio. She is also a Board Member of the Rainforest Connection. Motivated by her global leadership experiences, Kat’s career path has also taken her to explore the use of creative storytelling to positively inspire the world. Prior to opening the WEF Centre in San Francisco, Kat spent 2+ years producing her first feature film, Roads To Olympia, shot on 4 continents, in 3 languages, with a cast and crew of over 200. Ascent Leadership Networks is the culmination of her past experiences, creating a platform on which opportunity and prosperity will inspire others to flourish. “Leadership is like the moon, it drives the tide.”