Karthik Ramakrishnan is a 4x founder with two decades of experience in the technology industry. Currently, he is the co-founder and CEO of Armilla AI, providing comprehensive, efficient and scalable quality assurance and risk mitigation solutions for AI.

Armilla helps AI first companies build evidence-based trust in their AI solutions through Armilla Verified™, their AI assessment service, and Armilla Guaranteed™, a recently launched warranty guaranteeing the quality of AI-powered products, backed by global insurers Swiss Re, Greenlight Re and Chaucer. Armilla also provides enterprises with comprehensive protection against AI vendor risk through tailored third party risk management programs that leverage its AI product assessments and warranty coverage.

Prior to starting Armilla AI, Karthik has been at the forefront of AI adoption for enterprises for the last 15 years. His previous ventures span from executive and advisory roles at leading AI companies, such as Element AI and Perpetua Labs, to entrepreneurial ventures, including building two AI-first companies in the last 10 years. Through acquisitions and leadership roles, including a stint at Deloitte, Karthik is now using his experience in building algorithms to test models and empower responsible AI use.