Josh joined Techonomy in the Spring of 2012 to oversee Techonomy’s business operations, planning and strategic partnerships. He has held senior positions in marketing, strategy, and product development in both the digital media and financial technology industries. Most recently, Josh helped launch OfferIQ, which was acquired in 2010 by Transactis, where he stayed on as Chief Marketing Officer. Josh holds a MBA in Marketing from Boston University and a BA from Brandeis University.


Why I Am a Techonomist?

“Launching my first scrappy Internet business in 1996 from a dorm room outside of Boston was the first step on my path to becoming an official Techonomist. Having helped build technology companies that force conventional industries to rethink established business models, I consider myself one of those restless entrepreneurs who always think there must be a better way, Now, as a part of Techonomy, I am excited to have a front-row seat to study how the accelerating change enabled by faster and cheaper technological development will impact our world.”