Dr. Jonathan Levine is an aesthetic dentist, a specialist in prosthodontics, oral health expert, author, teacher, social entrepreneur and visionary inventor. In practice in New York City for nearly 30 years, Dr. Levine offers a comprehensive approach to dental health, intersecting beauty with function.

In 2011, Dr. Levine founded GLO Science – an oral health innovation engine backed by 10 patents and 19 patents pending, commercializing inventions to build an oral health platform via a therapeutic device that also has cosmetic implications. GLO has a dual mission of profitability, via GLO Science in the professional dental and prestige beauty retail channels, and social responsibility, via the GLO Good Foundation.

GLO Good is focused on improving the oral health epidemic that exists in the United States today by providing people with the tools, education, and knowledge of self-worth they need to smile more often. With over 5 million children suffering from the pain of substandard dental care and an aging baby boomer population requiring advanced oral health treatment for diseases that were once preventable, GLO Good recognizes the importance of improving access to care. GLO Good also emphasizes education and the critical nature of preventive oral health care, fueled by a growing body of evidence that links oral health to overall health (the oral systemic connection).

A national key opinion leader in oral health, Dr. Levine believes strongly in guiding the next generation of dentists and is an Associate Professor at NYU School of Dentistry and the Program Director of the Advanced Aesthetics Program in Dentistry at NYU CE. Dr. Levine is also Member, American Academy of Prosthodontics; Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry, Board of Advisors; Health Corps, Board of Advisors; Doctor Oz Show and Blog, Oral Health Expert.