Captain John Kohut is a former Navy Test Pilot with a long-standing interest in space, robotic, and terrestrial advanced technologies.  He graduated in 1976 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut, and later completed an MS in Computer Science at the Florida Institute of Technology.  John has served as a major Program Manager for many DoD and NASA projects, and more recently has held C-level assignments for technology development and deployment companies in space and energy fields.  In both government and the aerospace industry, he brought large projects from the drawing board into production by focusing on innovation, customer satisfaction and teamwork.  As the COO for Planetary Power, Inc. John’s principal responsibility is developing and fielding SUNsparqÔ, the next generation of solar power with much greater efficiency, robustness and cost-effectiveness than “conventional” solar.  The modular SUNsparqÔ products are scalable with a back-up hybrid mode to smooth the normally intermittent output, thereby ensuring power is delivered at all times.