When Heather Campbell’s surgeon lamented “I wish all my patients were like you,” she said, “okay” and created Ready Set Recover. She brought together the 25+ years of individual and organizational behavioral insights she gained as ESPN’s Synergist, Audacy’s Alchemist, a world-wide Activist, and as 1 of 10 NYU Stern Business School full merit scholars, to build a part of the revolution of healthcare.

Heather is a sought after speaker, writer, facilitator, and community organizer who ignites possibilities within others. As an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, she’s influenced the actions of employees across organizations including The Walt Disney Company, New York City Department of Ed, Wells Fargo Bank, ProMedica, NYU Stern School of Business, and more.

In addition to starting a company that literally changes people’s lives for the better and creating millions of dollars of marketing and sales revenue for large organizations, she’s also proud of:

Creating lasting connections: 16 years after leaving ESPN, when she invited women to an impromptu ESPN reunion, over 50 people came from across the country.

Rising above challenges: When her screen flashed “reboot” before a presentation to over 500 marketers, she took a breath then jumped in knowing she’d at least have everyone’s attention since they too saw the reboot message.

Building community: Whether she’s facilitating envisioning sessions for 300+ community members to create a school, building a bridge connecting two villages in Sierra Leone, or organizing a bake sale for the basketball team, Heather uses positive communication and action to bring people together in ways that make them feel seen, heard and celebrated AND gets things done.

After 25 years in NYC, Heather and her family now live in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, but she’ll always be a Milwaukee Bucks, Brewers, and Packer fan in her heart.