After discovering that an MFA in Shakespearean Studies does not ensure a brilliant teaching career when one has stage fright before every class, Gina found her way into advertising. She joined Ogilvy & Mather, first as Chief of Staff to the co-creative head of the agency, then as Worldwide Creative Coordinator working on IBM.

Moving to Seattle in the late ’90s, Gina joined the first tech revolution as the Director of Business Development at, an ultimately doomed start up that taught her what not to do when starting a company. Gina laid her self off, went into labor with her first child, said good-bye to the structure of a traditional workplace, and hello to the flexibility of entrepreneurship. Gina founded her own consulting business, and worked to expand the footprint of lifestyle brands across a range of categories from fitness to luxury and entertainment. She accomplished this work while also moving her family back and forth across the country four times in five years.