Gibu Thomas is the Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital at Walmart responsible for all the global mobile and digital media initiatives for the company. Prior to taking on this role, he headed up strategy for Walmart’s Global eCommerce group. Gibu has 20 years of experience as a general manager and technologist, with over 10 years of background in the mobile industry.  Prior to Walmart, he was a serial entrepreneur who founded and led multiple technology companies. His first company, Bluelark Systems, created the Blazer mobile web browser, the first mainstream smart phone web browser and the default browser on Treo smart phones.  Bluelark was successfully sold to Palm, where Gibu helped incubate the smart phone business for the company, growing sales by over $100M in 3 years.  Most recently, Gibu co-founded and was the CEO of Sugarsync, a venture-backed cloud-based synchronization and online backup service. Gibu has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of business.