As the CEO of Orange Silicon Valley (OSV) in San Francisco, Georges Nahon is driving a multi-disciplinary team of experts consisting of computer scientists, engineers, sociologists, economists, and designers who, in constant interaction with the local Silicon Valley ecosystem, are developing or sourcing innovative convergent product services in the areas of mobile, Internet, and new television. OSV works with academia, investors, startups, and established, large high-tech companies in the Bay Area. Georges is the co-author of the book “The Second Life of Networks” with Didier Lombard, former CEO of France Telecom-Orange. He is also the founder and the President of the Orange Institute, created in September 2009. The Orange Institute is a think tank, open to all, which focuses on the increasing impact of the networked society on the economy. Furthermore, Georges spearheaded the conception and development of Orange’s award-winning first accelerator: Orange Fab. Georges has worked in other positions at the headquarters of France Telecom in Paris, at Microsoft’s European headquarters in Paris, and in French online media. He holds a Master in Computer Science and Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute in Nancy, as well as several patents.