Gaurav Dhillon is the CEO of SnapLogic, the market leader in cloud application and data integration. Since 2009, Gaurav has spearheaded the rapid growth of the company’s elastic integration platform and manages its financing, products, strategic relationships, and operations.

As the former CEO of Informatica Corporation, a Silicon Valley company he co-founded in 1992, Gaurav believes that there is more to be accomplished in connecting companies’ applications and data sources. He should know—as he was Informatica’s first employee, and CEO for more than 12 years, where he led Informatica from a startup idea to a leading software enterprise with customers and operations around the world. His tenure at Informatica included the initial company launch, its successful IPO, and expansion to Europe and Asia. He was the leading figure in developing alliances with major technology players, ultimately forging a broad acceptance of the vision he pioneered in the software industry. Prior to Informatica, Gaurav held management and engineering positions at Sterling Software and Unisys Corp.