A technology, cybersecurity executive, inventor, but also a humanitarian, Elena has built her career in protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure from cyber attacks and building innovative technology and digital solutions.

Since 2018, she has been Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice-President and Technology Executive in the global security organization in the financial services industry. Previously, she worked as Chief Information Officer in the Global Security Division, and Head of Global Cyber Security Strategy Implementation at Barclays Bank in New York and London. Her focus was on delivering the highest degree of privacy and security to protect customers and employees globally. She worked to develop and implement a new global end-to-end security and privacy model protecting the company, enabling the business lines to utilize new innovative solutions, and building awareness of employees and shareholders.

Prior to that, she worked in technology and security at the World Economic Forum and the Word Bank working with executives, CEOs and global government leaders to implement new security systems and standards nationally and internationally.

Elena was named among the Top 100 CIOs; Leading CIOs – Who Happen to be Female by CIO Magazine, Business Role Model of the Year by Women in IT Awards, Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women – International. She served as an affiliate fellow at Harvard Law School. Elena was a mentor and executive selection committee member of Techstars-Barclays start-up Accelerator.

Her published work appeared in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, featured in the Wall Street Journal, the White House cybersecurity report, The New York Times, and multiple industry media.

She has invented patent-pending technologies in cybersecurity, privacy, and secure financial technologies. Throughout her career, has been a strong advocate in national cybersecurity and technology diversity programs.