Deborah Magid represents IBM’s high growth software and hardware businesses in the company’s IBM Ventures.  She is responsible for sharing insights about emerging markets, technologies, and business models with venture firms and entrepreneurs around the world.  As a director of strategy in IBM’s software businesses, she also brings insight from the venture community to the development of IBM’s growth strategies.  Deborah is responsible for fueling IBM’s ecosystem pipeline in high growth strategic areas such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, sustainability, security, analytics, and cloud computing; and contributes to filling out the IBM product portfolio through M&A.  She leads the IBM team of venture partners based in innovation ecosystems around the world.

Deborah is based in Silicon Valley.  Her relationships are global and extend into emerging geographies.  Deborah is a frequent spokesperson on topics of relevance to entrepreneurs and investors, such as open innovation, disruptions in various industries, ESG and climate, women in technology and trends in investing.  She is a former board director and past Chair of Silicon Valley Forum, the emerging technology hub; and a member of the Corporate Venture Advisory Board of the NVCA.  Previously, Deborah held positions in product management, marketing, and user-centered design at IBM, Taligent, GE and AT&T.  Deborah holds degrees in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Connecticut.