After nearly a decade working at Google, Cassie recently left her position as Chief Decision Scientist to focus on her continued work as the Founder of Decision Intelligence, which transforms how decision leadership is approached and offers an urgently needed ethical and effective way to navigate the AI landscape, and more. Cassie’s goal: to lead humanity towards better decision making at scale.

Today, Cassie is entering her next chapter as a sought-after thought leader, keynote speaker, and trusted advisor to business leaders at Fortune 100 companies. As a trailblazer in decision leadership, she is raising a movement that offers a much-needed solution to the pervasive atmosphere of fear around AI. She urges the public to “stand up to AI” by seeing “the decision-maker behind the curtain,” reframing the AI problem as one of human negligence at scale. The way to fix it, Cassie says, is to insist on training a new caliber of decision leader. Cassie has spoken on the world’s biggest stages, has generated life changing curriculum, and has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Vogue, Inc., and Wired (to name a few). She has been honored as a LinkedIn Top Voice for three years, and as a #1 Artificial Intelligence writer on Medium for five years. Her holistic approach to Decision Intelligence has been revolutionary, and has enhanced the way companies use AI, examining how to make critical decisions effectively and ethically, all while fostering a culture of responsibility in the digital world.

While others are talking about existential threats, Cassie sees AI as a human problem, and if we level up the right way through Decision Intelligence, we will emerge stronger, wiser, and safer.