Casey is the CEO of Cortexyme, a privately funded company focused on developing diagnostics and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders of aging. As Co-founder and Managing Director of NeuroInsights, Casey worked for 10 years with companies to develop and implement strategic business plans and investors identify and profit from opportunities in neurotechnology. She is co-author of The Neurotechnology Industry Report, a comprehensive market analysis and strategic investment report on the brain industry and is the Managing Editor of Neurotech Insights, the neurotechnology investment newsletter. Casey is also on the Board of Directors of The Neurotechnology Industry Organization, a trade association for commercial neuroscience, and the co-founder and president of The Neurotechnology Development Foundation, a non-profit formed to support translational research.

Previously, Casey was the co-founder and CEO of Aspira Biosystems, a venture backed drug discovery platform company, acquired by Nanomune Inc. in 2004. Prior to the four years building Aspira, Casey oversaw toxicology screening and evaluated new product opportunities at Centaur Pharmaceuticals. There, she established disease model testing paradigms for multiple sclerosis, uveitis, and other neurological disorders.

Casey conducted primate preclinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease treatment at the Wadsworth Medical Center in Los Angeles and researched the neurological basis of schizophrenia and epilepsy at UCLA. Her graduate work on neurotrophic factor cell biology and neurodegenerative diseases was carried out in the Mobley lab at UCSF/ Stanford University and was funded by the NSF and an Alzheimer’s Association Zenith Award. In addition to a BS in neuroscience from UCLA, she has an MS in neuroscience from UCSF and has completed the Management Development for Entrepreneurs (MDE) program of the Anderson School of Business.