Bharath Takulapalli is the Founder & CEO of INanoBio, a company pioneering technologies at the confluence of nanotechnology, systems biology and machine learning. Bharath founded INanoBio with the ambitious goal of developing advanced nano-biotechnologies for resolving biological complexity, to deliver early stage diagnostics for disease preemption, reduce healthcare expenditures to a fraction of todays, saving trillions of dollars. He defines disease preemption as diagnosing, intervening and curing diseases early on, even before symptoms appear.

What disease specific biomarkers to detect? how to detect them for early diagnosis and to guide precision medicine? These questions have confounded scientific community owing to the extraordinary complexity underlying disease biology. Over 15 years Bharath has worked diligently on developing disruptive nano-biotechnology platforms to answer these questions, resulting in over 30 global patents. He invented nano-sensors to detect extremely small amounts of molecular biomarkers in blood; a novel 3D nanopore-transistor to readout the human genome at 1/10 the cost & time needed today; and proteomic technologies to develop disease specific biomarkers capable of 99% accuracy diagnosis.

Combining these innovations, INanoBio is currently developing a blood-based high accuracy diagnostic test for lung cancer that obviates need for lung biopsy (company’s first product), in addition to research on biomarkers for other cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. Bharath got his bachelors from IIT Madras India, PhD in nano-electronics from ASU and researched molecular disease biology for over a decade prior to founding INanoBio.