The company has developed a web and social media platform that enables public companies to sell their stock directly to customers on their Facebook page or website in just 3 clicks, creating more loyal consumers.  According to Bain & Company – customers that are owners spend 54% more, refer 2x the people and increase frequency of visit 68% over ordinary customers.  This innovative branding and loyalty platform is called a Customer Stock Ownership Plan™, or CSOP™.   LOYAL3’s newest technology is an IPO CSOP™ where customers purchase IPO shares at the same price as large institutions.  Issuers benefit by rewarding customers with coveted access to initially priced IPO shares – enhancing loyalty and retention.  LOYAL3 is committed to democratizing the market, making stock ownership easy and affordable for tens of millions of everyday Americans.Schneider was previously Chairman & CEO of MSA Industries, where he led the company’s growth from 200 to 2,000 employees, and a 63% CAGR during the 3-year period prior to its sale to DuPont.  Barry then served nine years as Chairman and CEO, MacGregor Golf Company.  Most recently, he was Managing Partner of The Parkside Group LLC.  Barry has a history of creating shareholder value and leading global teams in strategy, marketing, finance and mergers and acquisitions.   Barry received a BA degree from U.C.L.A.