Andy Mercy is an entrepreneur and investor who uses his experience to bring innovation and inspiration to new markets. Since working with farmers in Senegal, Africa while in college, Andy has had a passion for sustainability and regenerative agriculture. He went on to found AngelPoints in 2000, an enterprise software company that pioneered the corporate social responsibility movement by powering the philanthropy and sustainability programs of the world’s biggest corporations. He later sold AngelPoints to Vista Equity Partners. Today Andy is 100% focused on addressing the challenge of climate change and believes that biochar represents one of the most scalable and effective solutions available. In 2020, Andy helped to market and sell the first biochar carbon removal credits in the US as head of strategy for Pacific Biochar. Currently, Andy is responsible for managing the brand and go to market strategy at Myno Carbon, which aims to bring gigatons of carbon back down to earth by 2050. He lives in Mill Valley, CA with his wife, three kids, two dogs, two cats and 40,000 bees, finding inspiration on the trails of Mt. Tamalpais.