Ana Luisa is a pharmaceutical chemist who, after 12 years in the Uruguayan pharmaceutical industry, “recycled” herself to become a waste manager due to her concern about the gap between the environmental safety of state-of-the-art toxic-waste management and the real practices in her country.  In 2001, she created MA&A (now TIREX), where she established the first efficient system for managing toxic waste in Uruguay, which provides transparency and reinvents the image of waste management as a more reputable vocation.  Ana also works closely with formerly underpaid garbage collectors to provide them with dignified job opportunities, as well as social coverage by promoting enterprises for waste management, which are supported through an integrated approach by the Organización San Vicente “Obra Padre Cacho.”  By creating premier practices in toxic-waste management, Ana raises awareness of environmental and public health issues among university students and government authorities through public relations activities, such as media campaigns and lectures for university students about responsible waste management.