Amit Kumar has been a software engineer for eight years and a plant lover for 20. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in cognitive science, he brought his knowledge of human information processing to the field of Web software development, where he strives to produce products that aren’t just technically outstanding, but are also highly intuitive and a pleasure to use. He’s spent his career working with a variety of technologies in all aspects of software development. From database to back end to front end, from .NET to PHP to node.js to HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, he crafts code to produce whatever the customer needs and more. He’s delivered solutions for such companies as Nike, Verizon, Barnes & Noble, and American Express. After getting started with hydroponic gardening more than three years ago, Amit realized that combining it with computer automation was the perfect way to make gardening more accessible to everyone. He’s been working ever since to use his engineering skills to connect people with their plants in ways never before possible.