Ami Gal is the co-founder and CEO of SQream Technologies. SQream Technologies is an innovative technology company providing the world’s most rapid and scaling unique big data analytics database, with a revolutionary technology—providing insights from enormous data sets, through a miniature-sized server. Ami has a personal obsession of filling the interdisciplinary gaps in big data and giving organizations a technology boost releasing them from their up-until-now technological limitations that were holding them back. A visionary entrepreneur and technology investor, Ami has a highly distinguished record in mentoring startups and leading entrepreneurship classes. A true industry thought leader, he possesses over 20 years of technological and executive management experience. Ami is a technological visionary and beholds a rare combination of technical knowledge, great business approach, and strong leadership skills. Ami is also a former VP of business development of Magic Software Enterprises where he generated new growth engines around high performance and complex data integration environments. Manov, a company co-founded by Ami developing massive data-centric call center and CRM solutions, was acquired by Magic Software Enterprises, which later completed an IPO based around Manov’s solution.