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Walter De Brouwer

Founder and CEO, Scanadu

Walter De Brouwer is a Belgian-born Internet and technology entrepreneur and semiotician. He is the founder and CEO of Scanadu, a NASA Ames Research Center-based company with the mission of making this the last generation to know so little about our health. After a life-altering family medical emergency, Walter founded Scanadu in 2010 to revolutionize home medicine and build the tricorder once imagined in Star Trek.Prior to Scanadu, Walter was CEO of One Laptop Per Child Europe and the founder of Starlab. Walter earned a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of Ghent and a Ph.D. in Semiotics from Tilburg University. He was a lecturer at the University of Antwerp (UFSIA) and an adjunct professor at the International University of Monaco from 2001 to 2004. Since 2004, he has been an Entrepreneur in Residence with the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.