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Susie Alegre

International Human Rights Lawyer, Doughty Street Chambers

Susie Alegre is an international human rights lawyer and consultant specialising in the implications of technology for human rights. She advises private sector, civil society, public sector and international organisations on AI ethics, human rights, public international law, accountability and the rule of law. With over 25 years international experience, Susie has worked for the EU in Uganda on anti-corruption, the OSCE on human rights and counter-terrorism and the UN on cross border security and has regularly advised the UK and European Parliaments as well as training and advising private and public sector organisations on human rights in the digital sphere. She has previously worked for Amnesty International and has advised the campaign organisation Avaaz on disinformation and the 5Rights Foundation on Child Online Protection Policy. Her work featured in a BBC Radio 4 documentary “Forum Internum.” She has published widely in international media and is currently working on a book on the right to freedom of thought in the digital age for Atlantic Books.