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Stratford Sherman

Partner, Accompli

Stratford Sherman is a trusted advisor to CEOs. His clientele centers on growth-stage tech startups, but also includes complex public companies, biotechs, and media. What all his clients have in common is the raw challenge of leadership through difficulty, uncertainty, and change. Being CEO is hard, and lonely. Ultimately, it’s a human challenge – a challenge of character – interacting with layers of business dynamics, relationships with individuals and groups, conflicting agendas, strategy and tactics. Strat’s role is to understand all this – deeply; to deliver insight; and to help.  He works where successful execution of business plans depends on people.

His 1993 study of the transformation of GE under Jack Welch, Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will, written with Noel Tichy and recently republished, has been ranked among the 100 best business books ever written. Listed among 50 top coaches in the U.S., Strat co-authored “The Wild West of Executive Coaching” for Harvard Business Review.

Earlier in his career, Strat served on the Board of Editors of Fortune magazine. As a senior reporter/writer (1977-1997), he enjoyed extraordinary access to CEOs and C-level executives of the world’s biggest companies, across a wide variety of industries, during an era of convulsive change. His beat coverage focused on Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Wall Street.

In 2004, he began work with Accompli, a bleeding-edge advisory firm advising leaders of large-scale organizational change, for clients ranging from Cardinal Health to the New York Times.  A co-founder of Accompli, he is now its sole remaining partner.

Strat has delivered some 100 keynote addresses, facilitated scores of C-level conferences, and taught seminars about large-scale organizational change on six continents. He has appeared on “Charlie Rose,” “The News Hour,” and “Marketplace,” as well as CNN, Fox, and many other news outlets.