Richard Levandov

Managing Director, Avalon Ventures

Rich Levandov is currently a managing director at Avalon Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund with over 600 million dollars under management. Earlier in his career, he was the co-founder of Phoenix Technologies, a Systems software company, an early executive at America OnLine and a venture partner for the first Softbank venture fund.

He has been an active investor in the startup communities of the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Boston, and Seattle over the last 25 years.

Overseeing over 100 early stage investments throughout his career he remains active in a deep and broad array of all technology innovation on both coasts.

From the 1981 explosion of personal computing, to the birth of consumer online services in the 90’s followed by the rapid rise of the internet and social media, e-commerce and now Artificial Intelligence Rich has been deeply involved in the entrepreneurial and venture capital communities active in this explosion of innovation and company formation.Rich Levandov has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, operator, angel investor and venture capitalist involving a variety of cutting-edge, high growth, early-stage technology companies. It was after he co-founded Phoenix Technologies (PTEC), a company that helped launch the PC revolution, and served as an early Vice President at America Online, Inc. that he started his venture capital career. Rich leads Avalon’s investments in Ad Summos, Backupify, Cloudant, Inc., Cloudkick (acquired by Rackspace), Kaltura, NABBR, Pictela (acquired by AOL), ReThinkDB, Simulmedia, Standing Cloud, Twinstrata, chumby industries and Zynga. Prior to joining Avalon as a Partner in 2007 Rich co-founded Masthead Venture Partners and previously was an affiliate partner with Softbank Technology Ventures.  Notable companies that Rich has invested in and/or sat on the Board of include Art Technology Group (ARTG), BitPipe (acquired by Tech Target), Bright Mail (acquired by Symantec), Mobilee (acquired by Natural MicroSystems), NewsGator, OLiVER (acquired by LivePicture), PersonaLogic (acquired by AOL), Sombasa Media (acquired by PrimeMedia), TACODA (acquired by AOL), Tremor Media, and Valent Software Corporation (acquired by Lycos). Rich holds a B.S. from Binghamton University. He codes in PHP and Ruby these days. Rich is active in the Boston, New York City and San Francisco venture and entrepreneurial communities. As a past judge on the MIT 100k business plan competition he remains very active in various organizations on both coasts promoting the creation of new disruptive enterprises and believes that we are in the exciting era of “mobile meets social meets local meets global” company creation.