Paula Batson

Head of Communications and Public Relations, Magisto

Paula Batson leads communications and public relations initiatives at Magisto, the cloud-based service for creating and sharing professional quality personal movies. She also serves in an advisory role for SocialSignIn, a mobile Wi-Fi platform that enables brick and mortar locations to leverage the power of social.

Paula has spent the majority of her career at the intersection of entertainment and technology. Bringing a unique passion to her career path in music and media, she has helped tell the stories of clients ranging from Miles Davis to Lyle Lovett, and created value for such iconic brands as Columbia Records, CDNow, and Book of the Month Club. An accomplished communications strategist with years of experience in digital entertainment, mobile, social media, and big data, Paula previously served as VP of communications at Social Flow and the Fox Mobile Group.

She spent eight years at Bertelsmann, where she was senior vice president of communications for Bertelsmann Direct. She has also headed communications for Myplay, the first music locker company, and N2K Inc., the early Internet music start-up. Prior to working in digital, Paula was head of global communications for the MCA Universal Music Group.