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Mark Bonchek

Chief Executive Officer, SHIFT Academy

Mark Bonchek is the founder of SHIFT Academy with a mission to update leaders’ thinking for a digital age. As the landscape of business has changed, our mental maps have grown outdated. SHIFT Academy partners with companies to create collaborative learning programs for customers, partners, and employees that accelerate sales cycles, adoption curves, and social impact. Current shifts include Product to Platform, Hierarchy to Network, and Audience to Community. As the chief catalyst of thinkORBIT, Mark designs digital business strategies based on the shift from push to pull. ORBIT strategies create social systems that generate a gravity field, which pulls customers and stakeholders into orbit around a brand. A wide range of organizations are using ORBIT principles, including Kaiser Permanente, Staples, Briggs & Stratton, and the American Heart Association. Mark has been a pioneer and guide to the digital revolution since receiving Harvard University’s first doctorate on the topic of social media in 1997. He was recently named to the Agenda Digital 50 and is a member of the World Economic Forum working group on the Hyperconnected World. Mark is a regular columnist for Harvard Business Review.