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Jon Fine

Executive Director, Inc Magazine

Jon Fine is the executive director of editorial for Inc. magazine and Inc.com. Before that, he was the media columnist for BusinessWeek, for which he won American Society of Business Publication Editors and National Headliner Awards. His memoir of his long-running alternate life as a musician, Your Band Sucks, was published by Penguin in 2015 and received widespread critical acclaim from outlets ranging from the New York Times to The Atlantic to the Philippine Star. Also, some reviewer on Amazon noted: “I imagine, in a small van, Jon Fine is very hard to take.”

He’s also been Editorial Director of Magnum Photos and served as a Contributor to CNBC, for which he provided on-air commentary on media and technology issues. His freelance work has appeared in GQ, Vanity Fair, and the Atlantic, among many others, and his work for Food & Wine won a James Beard Award in 2010.

As a guitarist—in Bitch Magnet, Coptic Light, and Don Caballero, among others—he’s performed in fifteen countries on three continents and appeared on MTV. He graduated from Oberlin College and lives in Manhattan with his wife. The ravages of time have severely eroded many of Fine’s most dearly held aesthetic and philosophical tenets, but he remains reasonably certain that he adores Black Sabbath’s first six albums and dislikes most pop music.