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180 Shift: Mark Ritter on Quantum Computing

Quantum Leaps For those of us with a natural aversion to physics the idea of quantum computing can be a real brain buster. How does this stuff work, and what are the real, immediate opportunities...

180 Shift: Alex Lidow

Material Miracles Silicon, the stuff upon which the Valley was built, is maxing out. The future, according to some, belongs to gallium nitride. What is it, and what does it mean?

180 Shift: Brian Gerkey on open source robotics

Open, Sesame The robots are coming, the robots are coming! It may surprise you to learn about the operating system many of them are running, though.

180 Shift: Benjamin De Kosnik

At the Crossroads of Tech and Identity Man and machine are increasingly drawn together. What does that mean for culture? Can art and automation coexist? Who better to ask than an artist with a coder’s...

180 Shift: Liz Bacelar- Fashion vs. Tech

Fashion vs. Tech: Who Will Come Out on Top? A traditional industry needing “saving” has become a leader for bytes, bricks and silicon.

180 Shift: Tony Marx of NY Public Library

Start Your (Search) Engines Never have we had greater, faster, more ubiquitous access to knowledge. Fat lot of good it does us, though, if we can’t successfully find it when we want it. What is the...

180 Shift: Deborah Gordon

Bugs, Brains and Business Nature avoids central command. It delegates and duplicates control mechanisms in systems as diverse as ant colonies and the brain. What can we learn from this for our own human systems?

180 Shift: Lawrence Norden

How Much Is Your Vote Really Worth? Infrastructure investment is lagging across the United States, including the country’s voting systems, central to our democracy. The majority are either close to or past their projected lifespans. What will...

180 Shift: Sarah Vieweg

From Silicon Valley to the Arabian Gulf: Tech and Culture How do cultural assumptions and values inform technology use? What tactics do users from the Arabian Gulf draw from as they navigate social media and...

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