Techonomy Virtual: Reset + Restore

The combination of the Covid-19 crisis and the heightened awareness of racial injustice is unprecedented. This is a historic moment in so many ways and our speakers took an in-depth look at the ongoing transformations...

Techonomy 19

The theme for Techonomy 2019 in Half Moon Bay, California was “Reset and Restore: Governing Tech, Retrieving Ethics, and Acting on Climate.” We are in a unique period when corporate responsibility and big-picture thinking is...

NYC 19

The world is in sad shape, which means, among other challenging realities, that all of us need to ensure our work contributes to larger solutions. Tech changes everything, which we love, but it can’t just...

Techonomy 18

Techonomy 2018 was a probing, wide-ranging conversation about the tech-inflected issues that affect business and our world. This year’s theme was Harnessing Tech for Responsible Growth, and as always we addressed many of the issues...

NYC 18

Techonomy NYC was an exercise in the cross-fertilization of ideas.

Techonomy 17

“The idea that fake news on Facebook…influenced the election in any way, I think is a pretty crazy idea,” said Mark Zuckerberg onstage at Techonomy 2016. He has subsequently recanted.

Health 17

Techonomy Health was a wide-ranging, day-long conference on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 for leaders about how healthcare is changing fast. How will tech shape the future of healthcare and extend it beyond medical institutions into...

NYC 17

If you want to better understand how companies across the economy are being transformed and how you can leverage new ways of thinking to keep your organization competitive, Techonomy is for you.

Health 16

Our first Techonomy Health roundtable is a multidisciplinary dialogue exploring what healthcare can become in a technologized and hyper-connected age.

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