Techonomy 23

Techonomy 23: is a three-day retreat dedicated to exploring the risks and rewards of the AI revolution. Join our live audience of 200 CEOs, CTOs, policymakers, academics, and thought leaders as we chart a course...

Accelerate Health: Pioneering Solutions for a Healthier Society

On October 11th in Boston, Massachusetts, Accelerate Health will convene a group of health and life sciences innovators, payers, providers, pharmaceutical executives, and tech entrepreneurs for a day-long conversation about how technological advancements can accelerate...

From Ambition to Action: Building a Global Climate Coalition

Join this conversation with Angela Barranco about the ethos of Climate Week and the new phase we're entering in the fight against climate change.

Survival of the Richest

Join us for a live conversation with Doug Rushkoff about his latest book, Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires.

Techonomy Climate NYC: Solutions That Scale

This in-person event in NYC focus on the business of fighting climate change bringing together climate experts, industry giants, entrepreneurs, and other leaders.

Green Collar Crunch: Navigating the Looming Climate Talent Drought

Eugene Kirpichov, co-founder and Executive Director of Work on Climate, will discuss the pivotal role of education, training, and collaborative initiatives in building a resilient and adaptable workforce poised to drive the monumental changes necessary...

Report: Renewables on Track for Net Zero Goals

The global electricity system is at a tipping point. A new analysis by RMI, in partnership with the Bezos Earth Fund, shows renewable energy sources are on track to meet ambitious net-zero scenarios, with more...

From Barriers to Breakthroughs: Overcoming Hurdles for a Decade of Climate Investments

This week we are joined by Natasha Vidangos, the Associate Vice President, Innovation and Technology Policy at Environmental Defense Fund, who oversees EDF’s work to advance an efficient and equitable Clean Energy Transition, including efforts...

Securing the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

The generative AI revolution has sparked a new wave of innovation and the opportunity to improve business outcomes. At a time when AI is evolving at a record pace, business leaders are looking to understand...

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How to Save the World: Practical Steps Everyone Can Take to Fight Climate Change

Individuals can make small changes in their daily lives to fight climate change. Reducing meat consumption, choosing local and seasonal produce, and embracing plant-based meals can lower greenhouse gas emissions in their diet. Transportation choices...

Mapping the Future: Why ESG is the GPS of Investing

Gitterman Asset Management refers to ESG as “the GPS of Investing.” Just as paper maps have been replaced by real-time data-driven GPS systems, ESG data sets open up access to a nearly unlimited amount of...

Worth Cities: Innovation and the Rising City

This June 2023 conference, held in Charleston, S.C., brought together investors, thought leaders, policymakers, elected officials, philanthropists, businesspeople and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas on the future of cities and facilitate tangible action.

The Future of Food Systems

Food nourishes us, sustains us, and in many cases, supplies our livelihoods. Food is life. But the way we grow, raise, catch, process and distribute food – our food systems – is under increasing threat...

The Future of Green Jobs

The climate crisis is the most critical issue of our time and the desire to contribute is an increasing priority for employees. The explosion of climate startups, corporate initiatives, government funding, and non-profit action, coupled...

Science Informed Climate Investing

The massive influx of investments and interest in climate technology presents unique opportunities, but not all solutions are viable or reliable. Rapid change at scale is imperative and the transition must be approached thoughtfully, backed...

Biology-Based Climate Solutions

Sustainable cement, next generation plastics, alternative protein sources, textiles made from manufactured spider silk, mushroom leather – these are just a fraction of the promise of biotechnology. The bioeconomy has created new opportunities to support...

The Climate Investing Landscape

To avoid a climate catastrophe, we must invest an estimated $6 trillion annually into climate by 2030. Climate finance takes on many shapes – venture capital towards innovation, project finance and debt for building clean...

Techonomy Climate 2023

Presented by Worth Media The climate crisis affects every corner of the world and presents unprecedented challenges. It also presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation and investment. Techonomy Climate surveyed the booming climate tech sector and...

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What Makes Climate Startups Succeed?

A rich ecosystem of climate tech startups is emerging in the U.S. and around the world, and working with partners in new ways. These companies aim to bend the carbon emissions curve downward while improving...

Why Environmentalists Must Work With Business

Governments worldwide have punted in the face of overwhelming evidence of environmental decay, and now we are in trouble. More responsive these days, ironically, are companies, which face pressure from consumers, partners, and especially hard-to-retain...

What’s Next for Climate Tech Investing? – Virtual Discussion

The world desperately needs better tech to reduce global warming emissions and assist with a green transition. And entrepreneurs are obliging–innovations from carbon capture technologies to better batteries to more-radical possibilities like fusion nuclear power...

Carbon Accounting 101: Where Does Business Stand?

Both law and market pressures are pushing companies of all types to begin measuring and reporting the climate gas emissions associated with their businesses. But it’s damnably difficult even to assess where they stand, not...

Web3: Is it Sustainable?

Is Web3 really the future of the consumer internet? Its two main components–crypto and the metaverse–are each highly controversial, and burdened by considerable hype. Yet they both also promise enormous potential, if utilized wisely. But will...

The Health+Wealth of Our Planet

The Business of Fighting Climate Change Presented by Techonomy and Worth The health and economy of our planet is at a tipping point – today’s situation is profoundly unsustainable. For all our sakes, and for...

Techonomy Climate at WEF

In this two-part program on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, Techonomy will gather innovators and business leaders who are passionate about climate action and believers in the power of technology to combat global...

TUESDAY at WEF: Techonomy Climate

On Tuesday, May 24th, 2:30-4:00pm, we heard from serial entrepreneur Bill Gross of Idealab, who two decades ago turned his primary focus from the internet to the climate crisis.

TUESDAY: The Economics of Sustainability

On Tuesday, January 17th, at 7:30 AM, we will hear from Charles Giancarlo, CEO and Chairman of Pure Storage and Susan Kenniston, VP Global Head Sustainability of WIPRO, to discuss the Economics of Sustainability live...

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WEDNESDAY: Leadership and Corporate Values

On Wednesday, January 18th, at 7:30 AM, we will hear from Jennifer “JJ” Davis, senior vice president of Global Corporate Affairs for Dell Technologies, Karen Fang, Managing Director, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at Bank...

WEDNESDAY at WEF: Techonomy Climate

Wednesday, May 25th at 8 am we’ll gather at the Wipro pavilion for breakfast and in-depth conversation about climate action with top leaders of global tech and industry.

CDX Accelerate Health + Wellness

This day-long conference held in partnership with KPMG at their Boston Seaport office and conference facility will focus on how tech and digital tools can help improve health and wellness for consumers in a post-pandemic...

Techonomy 22

Innovation and technology have the power to save us – if we act rapidly in multiple realms. We face daunting dilemmas – the climate crisis, war, a continuing global pandemic, refugees, and gyrating economies. But...

Digital Transformation and Water: Resilient, Secure and Equitable

Water is not a third-world issue. It affects everyone, everywhere. Action must be taken now to protect this precious and finite resource.

Techonomy Climate

No issue is more critical than climate change. Tech has special opportunities and responsibilities as the world strives to cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2030. Join us.

Media Production in a Post-Pandemic World

Video is the language of the modern internet. So these days, every successful business must be a video production company, among its other capabilities. Watch the session with IBM, Adobe, LucidLink, and WebMD.

How the New Approach to Cybersecurity Can Create Trust

Leading companies can’t merely be digital-first. They must win the trust of customers and partners. But cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, so establishing that trust is hard. Meanwhile, talent is in short supply just as...

The Death (and Future) of Venture Capital

Recently the Observer and The Information have published essays arguing that venture capital as practiced over the last half century is becoming obsolete (even while there is more of it available than ever before). What...

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Health+Wealth of America

On Thursday, December 16, 2021 Techonomy, CDX and Worth hosted our first full-fledged, fully-vaccinated in-person event! We invite you to join us in midtown Manhattan (or virtually) for the latest installment in our Health+Wealth of...

Balancing Profit and Purpose: Can it be Done?

Companies today increasingly say they serve more than just shareholders. They assert a new stakeholder mindset that includes factoring in employees, customers, and especially the community. But are they telling the truth?

Globalization and Cooperation: What Technologized Future Will We Create?

“The trade-off we’ve chosen is that the rollout of 5G in the United States will be much slower and much more costly.”

Solving the NFT Mystery

Techonomy recently hosted a conversation about the dramatic rise of nonfungible tokens (NFT) and what they mean for the future of blockchain-driven technologies in general, and the art market in particular.

Bitcoin, Ether…Dogecoin?

I was fortunate to land a lengthy interview with Jalak Jobanputra, the founder and managing partner of FuturePerfect Venture. We spoke during a roundtable discussion hosted by Techonomy, in front of a live digital audience.

Digitally United

The world needs to come together. Tech can help in so many ways, but we need that badly. We see digital division between citizens who are connected and those who aren’t, between regulators and tech...

Reddit, Robinhood, and Wall Street

Last week, Clarim Media’s new Chief Content Officer and fintech expert James Ledbetter shared a highly informative and insightful conversation on the GameStop saga with Alexis Goldstein and Christine Lagorio-Chafkin.

The Power of Big Tech: Where Does it Go From Here?

Twitter, Facebook, and a raft of digital platforms have now booted President Trump and/or his campaign.

How Voice and Conversational A.I. are Helping Workers with Disabilities

The national unemployment rate for those with disabilities is 70%, even though it’s been 30 years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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