With the physical world itself communicating and signaling to us at a tech driven pace that’s racing ahead, the implications for global business, government and society of an ecosystem increasingly aware of itself and our interactions with it are as of yet unknowable.

The Internet of Things has increased the ability of machines to sense and adapt to changes in its environment, allowing them to interact with human beings (and vice versa), in a seamless manner. It becomes an instrument of empowerment that lives, listens and adapts. But lives, listens and adapts to whom or to what? And to what end?

As ever increasing volumes of data and information are generated, from increasingly interconnected sources, how do we determine what is urgent, accurate and actionable? With the parallel and linked evolution of artificial and human intelligence, VR and AR, new frameworks are required to ensure that insights and correlations from the intelligence within the IoT create a faster-growing, healthier and wealthier global society.

Join us at Techonomy 2016 to better understand the implications of this massive evolution, as we rapidly shift into a world that is responding, intuiting and adjusting to our every move.