We believe tech holds enormous promise for society’s advancement. But to advocate for tech means also to take responsibility for the maintenance of values–how can we remain, or become, a people-centered world of amity and brotherhood as tech transforms everything around us? Yes, we see the risk of people dehumanized, reduced to numbers, becoming interchangeable cogs on an ever-more-efficient assembly line of production and output. But we think more likely, if we work for it, is that we are on the cusp of an era of tech-enabled empowerment, connection, triumph and imagination, a time when tech asserts itself as a truly re-humanizing force.

A key challenge today: With so many creative entrepreneurs and every company trying to become a tech company, how can we insure the resulting innovation benefits people rather than just helping businesses find new ways to make money?

Our conference program integrates a number of different formats, allowing for engaging dialogue and discussion throughout.