Techonomy, a conference and media group devoted to understanding the cascading implications of tech’s influence across modern life, hosts this Techonomy Lab as a forum to advance our collective understanding of the opportunities and perils of this new world. Industry veterans like Gordon Bell will engage in dialogue with new entrepreneurs like Alex Hawkinson of SmartThings as well as industry leaders like Facebook mobile boss Cory Ondrejka or Cisco Chief Futurist Dave Evans.

It’s a world of extraordinary efficiency, with daunting implications. What happens as more and more “things” get connected? What will business and society look like? Are we on the threshold of a seamless co-existence between the physical and virtual worlds?

Embedding a sensor or chip in anything is relatively simple in itself.  But what do you do with the resulting data? How can we separate the signal from the noise?

Measurement and monitoring are now real-time and continuous. Analytic tools leap forward as we learn to take advantage of the massive tidal wave of new information.

Spend an afternoon with us as we examine and advance our collective understanding about living and working in a world where everything is connected.

You can participate in conversations about the Lab on Twitter with the #techonomylab hashtag, and check in on our Facebook event page.