Healthcare and medicine will be dramatically changed by networked technology. In the United States, the need is dire. Warren Buffett is just the latest to point out that out-of-control healthcare costs may be the biggest crippling factor for our economy. Tech can and will help, but we need major policy innovation, too. Last year, just after the U.S. election and before our flagship Techonomy conference, we hosted our first round table on tech in healthcare. The urgent conversation led to this program.

Doctors, innovators, entrepreneurs, tech, and healthcare industry experts in wide-ranging, multidisciplinary dialogue. We embrace new technologies like AI, gene-editing tools like CRISPR, and data analytics, but also a more holistic way of thinking about what health means in a technologized, connected age.

Our mission is to hep organizations and leaders understand the role tech plays in business and society. We all have to understand it better.