Virtual Roundtables

The Future of Learning

Our CDX Digital Roundtable welcomed Mark Papermaster, CTO and head of innovation at AMD as he discussed how innovation can help overcome Moore’s Law as the techniques used until now no longer deliver the same...

Digital Growth Spotlight: The Marketing Funnel in the New Normal

The CDX Digital Roundtable series continued on Wednesday, August 12, at 2pm ET as we spoke with Carat Chief Digital Officer, JiYoung Kim and PBS VP of Multiplatform Marketing and Content, Amy Wigler about digital...

The Internet of Value and Money: A Status Report

Eleven years after we met Bitcoin, where do we stand with the innovation, investment, and imagination it engendered?

Could Interference Upset the Upcoming Election

Never in memory have the mechanics of a presidential election faced such controversy. Voting by mail is suddenly preferred by many, so states are recalibrating to better allow it, controversially.

AI Development is Accelerating. How Can Business Keep it Ethical?

"This is a human problem,” said Vivienne Ming, a longtime computer scientist and entrepreneur who calls herself a “professional mad scientist.”

Atlanta Innovation Spotlight

Our most recent CDX Digital Roundtable gathered a group of innovation and digital transformation leaders from the dynamic Metro Atlanta area.

DTC 2.0: Survival of the Fittest

CDX welcomed our friends at Bionic and its Founder & CEO David Kidder as co-hosts of our most recent Digital Roundtable featuring Hubble Co-Founder & CEO Jesse Horwitz.

The State of Venture Capital & Investing

CDX Digital Discussion shifted its focus to the state of venture capital and investing as we negotiated our way through challenging market conditions.

Customer Experience in the No-Touch, Safety Obsessed Age

CX, or customer experience, is a well-established business discipline. But now we are in the era of Covid, with widespread home confinement and fear of contagion.

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