We asked leading experts of the telecommunications industry to explain what they think the mobile ecosystem will look like in 2030. Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm, contributes the following:

The mobile ecosystem introduces a new generation of wireless technology approximately every 10 years. I expect we will be embarking on the deployment of 6G in 2030 and that Qualcomm will be at the forefront of that transition as it is today with 5G.  Not only will mobile move to even higher frequency bands above 100 GHz building on today’s mmWave breakthroughs, but imaging and sensing will be inherently designed into lower latency wireless systems to merge the physical, digital, and virtual worlds to enable new consumer and industrial applications.

Several of the key mobile technology transformations that are now under way — such as virtualized and disaggregated radio access networks – will be fully incorporated into a whole range of lower cost and more nimble deployments. I think 2030 will see the establishment of hundreds of thousands wireless networks around the world bringing more reconfigurable and better-connected factories, hospitals, schools, private network enterprises, and more.

Just as digital twins are now being used to optimize systems with increasing amounts of data, I believe by 2030 we will see the mobile ecosystem move much further into human augmentation, bringing improvements to our health, learning, and productivity by leveraging further advances in mobile computing, bioengineering, and information processing.

Consider a doctor with wireless AR glasses that combine real-time data from the patient’s body sensors with machine learning recommendations from edge cloud processing in the hospital as part of a reimagined medical system that protects sensitive information but takes advantage of vast amounts of data.

We are taking on this challenge to transform the topology of the Internet through the establishment of cloud to mobile edge networks that will enable faster and more secure connections for all.  This will be essential to digest the exponential growth and interconnected needs of billions of people and devices over the next decade.

Cristiano Amon serves as president of Qualcomm Incorporated. In this role, he is responsible for the oversight of all activities related to Qualcomm’s semiconductor business. Amon also serves as a member of Qualcomm’s executive committee. Qualcomm is a global leader in the development and commercialization of foundational technologies that help power the modern mobile experience. From network equipment and broadband gateway equipment to consumer electronic devices, we help billions of people around the world connect, compute and communicate.

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